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C22 International Music TV on Roku and Fire TV

C22 has been around since 2013 with the dream of always wanting there own TV show like Mtv and VH1. Well with the help of a few friends the dream has become a reality and the birth of C22 International Music TV was born. C22TV is featured on C22HH, Roku, Fire TV, (Apple soon to come) and Eyeslick. These channels are led by the Queen bee herself; MS. Dawn of the Underground featuring our Local Florida bands like Meka-Nism, Modern Mimes, Felicity and Crowned Rebels . We also have the behind the scenes of all your festivals to see see what it looks like putting on a festival from her eyes! The life some of you think but what to you see what all goes into production so you guys can rock out and get drunk with no worries. Dawn takes all those stresses away from you and takes them on herself like a true professional! C22TV wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for everyone belief in circle 22 and there dedication to help make it successful. We can now Harmonize Humanity with music for the soul and show them that Rock ‘N’ Roll will never DIE!!!!!! C22HH= Circle 22 Harmonize Humanity

Meka Nism - The War Inside
The War